To GOD, the Giving Omnipotent Deliverer,

Then, Now, and Forever.


Jehovah's, Exalted Son for Ultimate Salvation,

My Saviour and Master.

To the Holy Ghost,

Heavenly Ordered Lifeform for Yielding

Godly Honored Omnipotent Spiritual Testifying

Who led me to the words described in this book.


About the Book:

Through a series of 52 essays, Michael relates the meaning of common everyday words with biblical scriptures. We are God’s children created by Him with love and understanding such that we can solve our problems trusting in God and putting Him first in our lives. TGIF should be Today God Is First . When you put Christ at the center of your life, you have the power to accomplish anything. Just Words for Thought reminds us that our life is a precious gift from God and in the end it will be represented by a mere dash our final tombstones.

Many of my friends asked where I got the image for the covers of my book. It is one of the thousands of awesome images produced by the Hubble Heritage Team (NASA/STScI/AURA) using data collected by Principal Astronomer N. Scoville (Caltech) and collaborators. This one is of the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) or NGC 5194 that was having a close encounter with a nearby companion galaxy NGC 5195, just off the upper edge of this image. The companion’s gravitational influence is triggering the start formation in the Whirlpool, as seen by the numerous clusters of bright, young stars (highlighted in red).

I have always had a fantasy with space and that is why I became an Aerospace Engineer. At the beginning of “Star Trek”, the announcer would say “Space, the final frontier. These are the adventures of the spaceship Enterprise….” The stars have always had an important part in mankind’s cultures and religions. Today we continue to explore the heavens looking for answers on how our solar system and other galaxies were formed and the existence of other forms of life.

My thought in designing the cover was that as we continue to search space for meaning to our existence, we sometimes forget that the answer has always been here on earth. That is why I put the cross in the center of the spiral galaxy. I pray that the thoughts in this book will arouse a desire in you to consider making changes in your life. Writing them has definitely caused me to make some in mine.

As a final thought, remember that we can live our lives either as a kind, loving, giving, and helpful person or as an evil, selfish, non-caring individual? We have been given free will to make our own choice. I have chosen to follow Jesus Christ, I ask you


What difference will yours make?