Free Preview:

I was raised in a Christian military family and have always tried to live my life according to God’s Ten Commandments. Yet, even though I considered myself a Christian, I was still searching for answers to many questions. While scanning through some books several years ago, I came across a book called “30 Days to Understanding What Christians Believe”. The title made me curious so I bought it and started reading. It was written very plainly and clarified the basic 12 beliefs on which most Christian doctrines are founded. But it only wetted my interest in finding out more and thus began my quest for more knowledge.

I started attending a discipleship class been taught by my friend Gary Heinz. It was here that I learned the real purpose of being a Christian, to become a disciple and teach others God’s words so that they will seek Christ’s Salvation. But my desire to learn more continued.


My friend Laurie, who I have since named my “Angel of Goodwill”, invited me to her church’s weekly bible study. My Dad always said if a woman invites you to attend a function, don’t refuse, she may not invite you again. She is a beautiful and radiant Christian in both mind and spirit. I had no plans, so I went. The warmth of the group and the knowledge exchanged was exciting and made the evening very enjoyable. So, I decided to become a regular member, going each Wednesday evening to bible study but not attending their Sunday services.


After several weeks, I met Pastor Chester Mitchell and was impressed by his down to earth personality and articulate presentation of the bible study lessons. I decided to start attending the weekly Sunday services. It is a Pentecostal Church and first time in my life I felt the presence of God. Pastor Mitchell’s weekly sermons are always clear, simple and filled with great meaning. Often times what I had written prior to Sunday’s sermon was also the subject of his sermons. Being a musician, I also loved the music of the band and choir.


However, I still was seeking something inside, I needed some meaning, or purpose. And then it happened; I received the Holy Ghost and spoke in “tongues”. I had heard the term speaking in “tongues” but had never really believed that it could happen to me. People have since asked me to describe what happened. I can’t explain it; the utterances just come out of my mouth, and the Holy Ghost was controlling me. When you are a believer, it just happens.


Since that time my life has changed, there has become an intensity to express my feelings in words. God gave me the insight to write what I see, however, it is His words that make the difference. So I started writing essays to several friends on a weekly basis which I called “This Weeks Words for Thought”. The essays were each based upon a word or words that I came across in my daily activities. I researched its meaning and relationship to scriptures in the Bible. At the end of the essay I would close saying “Not a sermon, just words for thought.” Some are long, some are short, some are funny, and some require more thought. However, I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing about


GOD's Words